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:iconmastergun272:mastergun272 posted a status
Bouncy Cactus!!
Oy! It's been a long, long, LOOOONG while since I've made an animation.
Or anything pixel for that matter. Gotta get back in the swing of things.

I've been playing a lot of Yoshi's Island recently, the original one for the SNES.I've always loved the enemy
selection in this game. They're all so unique and fascinating and not your everyday Mario enemy (In fact you
see the Koopas in 2 or 3 levels and I think I saw a Goomba once or twice in the whole game.) One enemy that
 really fascinates me is this cactus and the Needlenose (little cactus). The cactus just bounces the little on her
head. Just sittin' there having fun with her kid. Then you come along and EAT THE KID. AND USE IT AS AMMUNITION
AGAINST HER. And she becomes visibly upset at the fact. Sure she makes a new one in ,like, 5 seconds, but still
mourn the loss of her child. But it's fun to watch them play together for a little. :D

This took a couple of days to finish. I got so engrossed in it that I completely forgot to put Baby Mario on Yoshi's
back. Like, I just realized it a few minutes ago. Honestly it wouldn't have taken that long to edit him in there, but
I got tired of looking at it so bleh. Also I used orange Yoshi because there's enough green in the animation as it
is, and cuz orange Yoshi needs more love.

Drawn in GraphicsGale, animated in GIMP.

Yoshi's Island (c) Nintendo

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